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Certified Translation

Of documents mainly into English and other languages like French, German, Italian and Portuguese, with a quick turnaround time ( 20 pages a day) or depending on the document, in a translation format with signature, seal and raised seal if needed. ¡Get your free quote today!.

Technical Translation

Of manuals, technical sheets, safety data sheets, web content, registrations or other documents required in businesses. We can translate up to 6.000 words a day or depending on the document style and language, mainly from Spanish into English or the other way around and secondly, into and from other languages such as French, German, Italian and Portuguese. We can provide a sample translation for you before starting with the document. ¡Get your free quote today!.


In the field of Interpreting, iLingo offers services to any person that requires a clear and accurate communication between certain language combinations, within the normal course of business, visits and/or conferences with people from overseas.

We have a wide range of Native and Certified Interpreters from different countries, providing comprehensive language solutions to companies and individuals. We are available 24/7 to address any requirement or provide additional information geared specifically to your needs.

If required, duties are assigned to outsourced interpreters, chosen based on their credentials, location and availability. We can also select from women or men depending on certain sensible-to-gender tasks.

Additional Information on Translation-related formalities


The Apostille is a certificate whereby the National Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Colombia) endorses the authenticity of the signature and title of the signatory in a document to be sent overseas to a country part of the Hague Convention.

From October 4, 2007, the Republic of Colombia issues a new Apostille, which authenticity can be verified via the e-register on the website

To ask for an Apostille or legalization, you can go to the Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or click the link:


Any document issued in Colombia, which is to be sent overseas to countries which are not part of the Hague Convention, should not be apostilled but legalized instead as well as those documents issued in foreign countries and for proceedings in Colombia, after being duly translated by a certified translator.

You can find more information about the Hague Convention and the member countries here:

Before apostilling/legalizing a document, please take into consideration…

In order to Apostille a document, you should first confirm whether the destination country where it will be sent is a member of the Hague Convention. If not, the document should be legalized.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs only issues an Apostille for documents issued by Colombian entities or organizations. Documents from other countries should be apostilled or legalized in their country of origin.

The documents to be apostilled should be original documents, duly signed by the competent authority registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After a document has been apostilled, no other seals or endorsements are required and it will be valid overseas. If it needs to be translated, often the translation will have to be apostilled to validate the translator’s signature and seal.

Before apostilling/legalizing a document and, depending on the type of document, it is likely that other procedures, signatures or seals from other authorities should be obtained. You can contact us any time or visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bogota for further details about this process.

Please note that the Apostille/Legalization can be done in person and does not need intermediaries.

Why using Certified Translation and Interpreting?
iLingo offers and recommends professional translation work because:

  • To ensure an accurate communication between people who have different language needs.
  • Because effective professional practice requires that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the other.
  • Because an official translator is a person who not only is duly certified by a state agency (such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), it validates every documents with years of experience in that other language, it is for this reason that every official translation bears his signature and seal.
  • Because we know and understand the great importance and value added behind each of each text or document, which not only comes at the end of the translation, but that is just the beginning momentous decisions not only on a business level, but level of the quality of life of many people who depend on it.
  • In stressful situations or under pressure, the language command of a person that is not duly trained or lacks an appropriate, deep, specialized or sufficient knowledge may be impaired. Besides, it cannot be certified and, in proceedings with third parties, this will render any translation void.
For these, and many other reasons, we invite you to contact us at the telephone numbers or send your quote request without cost.

Let us have the opportunity to offer you effective solutions in languages with the best quality, in record time and at a cost that suits your needs.